Easter Activity: Day 9

Scripture: “One of them ran and filled a sponge with sour wine, holding it up to Him on a reed stick so He could drink.”  (Matthew 27:48)
Immediately before this, Jesus has shouted, “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” Some in the crowd misunderstood His words, and came and offered Him a drink of sour wine. Jesus’ words however, hold much more desperation than simple thirst. Have you ever felt really alone? When you didn’t think anyone understood you or cared about you or even noticed you?
During His life on earth, there were many times when Jesus was lonely. Many times when the people around Him didn’t understand what He was saying or doing. Many times when people were rude and mean. Many times when He was far away from His family. Yet always Jesus was connected to His Father in heaven. No matter what was happening around Him, Jesus could always spend time with God: talking, listening, resting and being loved by Him. But at this moment on the cross, Jesus doesn’t have His Father. Because of our sin that Jesus is carrying, God must turn away from Him. He can’t look at Jesus, talk to Him, love Him or comfort Him in His pain. For the first time in His life, Jesus is abandoned. No wonder is pain is so great and His words so desperate. And yet, amazingly, Jesus finishes what He has begun. He doesn’t run away even now. The bitter wine from the crowd, mirrors the bitter cup from the Garden, and Jesus drinks every drop from the cup for your sake and mine.
Activity: Doing the right thing is often hard. Finishing well what you have begun is also hard. In your house, what good things are hard for you to do? What things are hard for you to finish doing well? Encourage someone close to you today in their “hard thing”. For example, if you see someone speaking kindly and patiently, thank them. If you see someone working hard, encourage them to keep going. If you see someone obeying God or others, tell them they are doing a great job. Spend time thanking Jesus for not giving up when it was so hard, but for finishing what He started. Ask Him to help you in your hard things. Remind yourself that because Jesus completed His sacrifice, you are never abandoned. You are never alone.
Songs: “Your Love Is Deep”
“Light of the World” (Cave Quest)
“Thankful”-(Roar VBS)