Easter Activity: Day 5

Scripture: Mark 15:15 / Isaiah 8:11-14 “So to pacify the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He ordered Jesus flogged with a lead tipped whip, then turned Him over to the Roman soldiers to be crucified.”
Background: Jesus has gone through a fake trial with the Jewish religious leaders. He has then been brought before Pilate, the Roman appointed governor, for another “trial,” because the Jewish leaders cannot legally kill Jesus on their own authority. Pilate doesn’t get much out of Jesus, but doesn’t see how Jesus has broken the law. He says that Jesus is innocent, and wants to release him. The leaders and the crowd freak out and insist that Pilate crucify Jesus.
Two men, Jesus and Pilate in this horrifically overwhelming scene. Two vastly different heart- sets and reactions.
Pilate is afraid of the opinions of others. He is afraid of the crowds. He is afraid of the powerful religious leaders. He is afraid that if he mishandles this situation it might get back to his superiors and get him in trouble. He cares deeply about what people think about him and how they will react to him.  We call this “the fear of man.”


This fear runs so deeply within Pilate, that he agrees to the punishment and death of Jesus even though he KNOWS Jesus is innocent. Even though he KNOWS that the only reason Jesus was arrested was because the high priests were envious of Him (Mark 15:10). Think about that-Pilate is willing to let Jesus die because he doesn’t want to make the people angry. On the other side we have Jesus, who fears only One. Only One has His focus, His reverence, His trust, His obedience, His identity. His Heavenly Father. We call this “the fear of the LORD.” And so even though Jesus is misunderstood, betrayed, arrested, accused, judged, beaten, mocked and murdered by men-and even though those that Jesus cares deeply about are confused and stunned and hurt, He chooses the path of obedience-the “right way.” Because the One whom He fears, the One whom He has given all of His love and devotion to, and received everything He needs from-is good and perfect in every way. Completely trustworthy and able to deliver that which He has promised.
Questions: Who’s opinion is most important to you? Who do you need to like you? Do you know who your Heavenly Father says you are? Do you know who your Heavenly Father says He is? Do you trust Him? Ephesians 1:3-8
Songs: “Amazing Love” / “For the Joy Set Before Him” / “Tremble”